Denise Mitchell

My name is Denise Mitchell

My position is: Insurance and Financial Coordinator for Dr. Howell. I’m also involved in patient care on many levels so you may speak to me when you phone our office.

I have been a member of Dr. Howell’s team since 1992, 21 years!! I’ve worked in general, endodontic, and periodontal dental settings since 1974 (since I was a mere child.) I spent the first half of my dental career as a dental assistant, and slowly moved into the administrative portion.

I am experienced with all types and forms of dental insurance, reimbursement plans, benefit plans, cafeteria plans, and 3rd party financing. I will work very hard on your behalf to maximize your reimbursements and customize your financial needs.

It has been an interesting journey being involved in the changes and advancements in dentistry. Many of these advancements, like dental implants, have been life changing for our patients. It still excites me to see their improved health, well being, and appearance, all positive rewards for our work as a team. I feel truly blessed to have been part of the dental community for so many years.

On a personal note, I enjoy traveling, fly-fishing, reading, gardening, shopping for antiques, and all beaches everywhere. One of my passions is rubber stamp art, that I use to create one of a kind greeting cards. It is my mission in life to collect as many pairs of shoes and rubber stamps as I can before I die.

Come by and see us. We would love to meet you and make your time with us the best you will ever spend in a dental office. Our dental team is like a family, and we strive to make you as comfortable and informed about all aspects of your care as possible.

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