Temporary, Removable Dentures or Temporary Crowns

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Our office or your general dentist will provide the temporary appliance following an extraction, bone graft or even an implant placement.  If you’ve had only one tooth removed and the resulting socket is not in a critical esthetic area, a temporary replacement may not be necessary.
Your temporary denture may be a complete or a partial prosthesis replacing only some of your missing teeth. 

The Fit:  We realize this appliance may be your first experience with a gadget in your mouth.  Be patient.  The denture will adjust to your tissue.  Your tissue adjusts to the denture, and your doctors can make improvements as needed.

  • You do not need to wear the removable temporary 24/7; it is important to wear it at least some part of every day as a space maintainer – to hold neighboring teeth or opposing teeth in their proper positions during healing.  The removable temporary can be a helpful, important “band-aid” (protection) over a healing surgery.
  • It is important to remember that as you heal, the shape of your gum tissue and bone changes.  In other words, your temporary is not only for tooth replacement, but also functions as a diagnostic appliance. 
  • Do not use denture adhesive during the first 2 weeks following extraction/surgery.

Cleaning Your Denture:  Please be thorough.  You can use regular toothpaste to brush all surfaces of your appliance.  You can do this at least twice a day.  Denture cleansers are also helpful.  If you are using an adhesive, replace it with fresh material regularly.  

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