Special Post-Operative Instructions for Sinus Graft Patients

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  • Treat with ice for the first 48-hours (10 minutes on/5 minutes off).
  • No blowing nose for 2 weeks.  Sniff back only and wipe end of nose.
  • No smoking for 48-hours.
  • Nose bleeds are normal and may occur up to several days following surgery.
    • Treat by leaning head back, apply ice and direct pressure.
    • Do not be alarmed by the presence of bone granules.  Some drainage is normal from the nose and mouth, just wipe away.
  • Try to avoid sneezing, but if one comes on, sneeze through the mouth.  Do not pinch nose.
  • Severe cheek swelling is also normal following this procedure.  If eyes swell shut, please call our office at the phone number above.
  • Use over-the-counter Actifed or Sudafed for 1 week.

If you have any questions or concerns during working hours please call (828) 255-8100. Should concerns arise after hours, please call Dr. Harrison at (210) 241-0532.

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