Post Operative Instructions Following An Alloderm Graft

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· Rest quietly (minimal to no talking) with your head elevated for the remainder of the day.
· Limit physical activity for the first 24 hours and avoid excessive exertion for the first 72 hours.
· Healing will occur much faster with rest!

· As soon as possible, place an ice pack on your face over the surgical area; 10 minutes on and 5 minutes off.
· Use the ice pack for the first day following surgery.  This will contribute to your comfort and minimize swelling.

· You should begin taking your pain medication BEFORE numbness wears off. 
· If an antibiotic was prescribed, take it as directed.
· Some pain medications may cause lightheadedness.  Lying down will help this.
· Some medications may cause an upset stomach.  Taking these with food and liquids will lessen this side effect.

· Some seepage of blood is expected, however extensive bleeding should not occur.  If such bleeding should occur, apply firm pressure with an ice bag or fingers to the outside of the face or lips.  If the bleeding does not subside, please call.

· Avoid aggressive rinsing, spitting or sucking through a straw for 24 hours after surgery.  Blood is clotting and this will disturb the healing process.
· You may begin to brush the NON-SURGICAL areas the day following surgery.
· Remember to rinse very gently and swab the surgical sites with Q-tips and Peridex. 
· Some minor white patches along the graft may be visible early in the healing process.  Call the office if you have a question about the appearance of your graft.  This is typical healing for human donor tissue.
· Do not repeatedly pull your lip away to view the graft site.  Do retract the lip for gentle Q-tip cleaning.

· Do not eat on the surgical side or area for several weeks.
· Eat softer foods for the first week such as pasta, eggs, fish, yogurt, soup, pudding and soft cooked vegetables.
· Avoid extremes:  very hot, very cold or acidic foods.  Do not eat hard crunchy foods such as popcorn, seeds, nuts or chips for the first month after surgery.
· Maintain a balanced diet.

· Avoid using a straw as it may cause suction, which may loosen the blood clot and cause bleeding and possible loss of the graft. 


· We strongly advise NOT SMOKING after surgery.  Smoking delays the healing, increases discomfort, and may encourage bleeding and infection in the surgical site.

If you have any questions or concerns during working hours please call (828) 255-8100. Should concerns arise after hours, please call Dr. Harrison at (210) 241-0532.

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