Post-Op Instructions Following Root Planing (Deep Scaling)

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 Today you have had a thorough root planing (scaling) in part or all of your mouth:

  • Beginning tonight, it is important that you clean the scaled area carefully.  Gently floss and brush.  If we have introduced the Proxabrush, begin using it carefully.  You can also rinse with Peridex or Listerine, depending on the rinse selection we have made for you.
  • You may experience some tenderness in the tissue for the next several days while you are cleaning the area or even when you bite down.
  • You will notice that the tissue may be somewhat loose around the neck of the teeth.  The tissue will slowly tighten during the coming week.  Again, it is extremely important to prevent food and plaque from collecting around the loose tissue.
  • You may experience hot and cold sensitivity, even for several weeks.
  • Your mouth may continue to feel numb in certain areas for several hours.  Please be careful.  Do not eat until sensation returns.  Be careful not to bite your tongue, lips, or cheek while you are numb.  Try to stay quiet.  It is permissible to have a milkshake or a similar beverage.
  • If you notice persistent swelling or a fever, please contact our office as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns during working hours please call (828) 255-8100. Should concerns arise after hours, please call Dr. Harrison at (210) 241-0532.

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