List of Foods for a Soft Food Diet

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A soft food diet includes soft-textured foods or those softened by cooking, mashing or chopping, which are easy to chew and swallow.

Breads, Cereals, Grains

Safe soft foods in the grains group include cooked cereals such as oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat or easily softened cereals such as Rice Krispies and Corn Flakes. Also acceptable are soft breads and muffins, pancakes, French toast with the crusts cut off and pasta.

Eggs and Dairy

All eggs are acceptable with scrambled and soft-boiled considered the best. All dairy products, including chocolate milk, ice cream and yogurt, are included.

Fruits and Vegetables

Juices, both fruit and vegetable, are the best. Others that qualify are those that are canned or cooked without seeds or skins. Fresh vegetables include avocados, tomatoes and potatoes without the skins. Acceptable fresh fruits include bananas, pureed berries put  through a strainer to remove skins and seeds, and melon.

Soups, Sauces and Condiments

Creamed, pureed or blended soups, such as chicken noodle, are good choices. Broths are also well tolerated. Sauces should be pureed or well-blended. Spices and condiments should all be finely chopped or ground and mild in flavor.

Meats and Entrees

Meats like beef, veal, lamb, liver, chicken and turkey should be chopped or chipped in a food processor. Meatloaf and ground patties are acceptable. Cooked, fresh or frozen fish without bones such as tuna, salmon or white fishes are allowed, as is canned tuna. Other good protein sources include tofu and well-cooked legumes.


Desserts can include ice cream, ices, sherbet and sorbets; pudding or custard.

A Sample Soft-Food Daily Menu

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with grated melted cheese, cantaloupe

Lunch: tuna salad made with tuna, mayonnaise and some spices, applesauce

Supper: poached salmon, mashed or baked skinless sweet potato

Dessert: pudding with whipped cream

Liquid Food Supplements

Myoplex, Ensure, Boost or other similar products.

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