Extraction with Bone Graft and/or Implant Surgery Post-Op Instructions

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DIET:  The most important thing to remember immediately following surgery is not to apply any chewing pressure to the healing area.  There should be no compression to the surgery site.  Please use a soft/modified diet for the first 2 weeks.  For the rest of your healing time, whether it is 3, 4 or 8 months, chewing pressure on the surgery site should be avoided.  You must commit yourself to these modifications.

SUTURES:  When you see stitches, please q-tip general area twice daily with Peridex given. Sutures may work loose.  Regardless, we will take them out at your one week visit.  Occasionally, we use dissolving sutures in some areas.  If you have had periodontal surgery around the neighboring teeth, there may be a putty-like pack in place.  Be careful not to dislodge it.  Clean your mouth thoroughly, but gently (brushing, Proxabrush, rinses, and Q-tips).                         

BONE GRAFT: You may notice small grit-like pieces (bone graft particles) during healing. Do not be alarmed by this.


  • Elevate your head with pillows to a 20-40 degree position.  Relax and stay quiet. 
  • Sip on ice drinks:  ice, tea, milkshakes, sodas.
  • Avoid vigorous mouth rinsing for the first 10 days.
  • If you wish, you can apply an ice-pack to the treated area (10 minutes on, 5 minutes off).  This approach can be used when time permits, even into the second or third day for comfort and to control swelling.
  • At the third to fifth day, you may notice a bruise on your cheek or jaw.  Do not be alarmed (isn't it colorful!!).  Often, this is unavoidable. 
  • Please take your medications as we suggested (analgesic/antibiotic/rinses).  You may or may not be on an antibiotic.  It varies from patient to patient.
  • If the incision was carried to the back of your mouth, you may notice a sore throat for several days.  Do not be alarmed. 
  • No smoking for as many days as possible. 

If you have any questions or concerns during working hours please call (828) 255-8100. Should concerns arise after hours, please call Dr. Harrison at (210) 241-0532.

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