Are you an implant candidate?

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Patients often wonder whether they are too young or too old for an implant? The honest answer is that you are never too old! Age only applies to implant placement for a growing child: the bone growth process must be completed (late teens, early twenties).
For elderly patients: Why should you not be comfortable and enjoy the same foods you did as a child?

Existing gum infection:

Patients who have gum disease can become candidates for implants. Proper treatment will be done prior to implant placement to treat any periodontal infection. We will thoroughly review beneficial home care techniques with you to help you maintain high-quality results.

Existing Bone loss:

Very often we have patients exhibiting bone loss. Having bone loss does not disqualify you from ideal treatment. Today we have the skills and materials to grow the proper amount of bone to support any number of implants. Bone grafting is a very common, successful treatment.

Health Status:

You are still qualified for implant care if the following relate to you.

  • Controlled diabetes
  • Treatable osteoporosis
  • Stable cardiac status
  • Recovering substance abuse
  • Smokers

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