Sometimes the Internet can be too much...

It seems that way to often we have patients with fear from the Internet. What I mean by this is that patients look up “information” online and it seems that they find more horror stories than truth or positive outcomes.

Fear of Dental Implants

We find that a lot of patients have dental fear or anxiety. Some of this comes from past dental experiences, and some is just the fear of “not knowing.” However, based on our patients’ experiences, dental implants are not much to fear. We have found that a single implant doesn’t take too long to place and the procedure is non-dramatic. We have also found they seem to be pretty pain free! It seems that the majority of our patients say that they take/took IBU the day of treatment and that’s about it.

Here are a couple of testimonies from our patients.

Orthopaedic implant patients


Anitbiotics are no longer needed prior to dental treatment for orthopaedic implants.


Gum Recession


Recession and a few ways to help prevent it…


 Some may ask, “What is recession?” Recession is where the gum tissue begins to recede and expose the roots. A few signs and/or symptoms that a person may have recession are:


-Tooth sensitivity

-Length of teeth appearing longer/visible roots

-Spaces between teeth beings to “grow”

-Gum line decay


 Here are a few pointers to help stop or prevent recession.


Seeing things different…

It is always interesting to me the comments I get from patients when I take a panoramic x-ray on them. This is the type of x-ray where the patient stands in the machine and it rotates all the way around, taking a x-ray of their top and bottom jaw and all of their teeth. I am used to people asking about the amount of radiation they may receive or what all shows up on this type of x-ray.

"Electric Gadget"

We feel that it is important for our patients to have what we call an "oral hygiene review." At these visits we like to inform patients of different techniques, and "gadgets" that can be used to help improve with everyday homecare. Dr. Howell's favorite "gadget" is what he refers to as the "electric gadget" also know as an electric toothbrush, our favorite being the "Oral-B Braun." (We are not against any other company; this is just our particular favorite!)

Keep it SIMPLE

A patient was thanking us recently for a thorough appointment. We appreciate that. 

She appropriately stated. "It's one thing to explain something to the patient - but more correctly, you explained it so that I could understand it."


~You don't just explain a procedure or a point, you have to explain it so that the patient understands it. 

Periodontal Disease

Just a reminder :)

As you can see under our “what is periodontal disease” section we give a pretty thorough explanation of what periodontal disease is. But you may look at a different section or even this one and not see that so we like to update in different areas!! Please see that section if you need information about periodontal disease.


Dear Patients:

Just a heads up – we are frustrated concerning Dental Insurance.  We continue to file, refile, and promote your insurance claims following treatment.  It goes without saying; we are very willing to file predeterminations, although sometimes the company does not honor them after treatment.   

"The Howell Diet"

Last week we got a good giggle from a former patient. We were discussing with her, post-op for her treatment when she stated that she was “going back on the ‘Howell Diet'.” We have a lot of patients who comment on getting to lose a few pounds, but haven’t named it! For some of our procedures; we do recommend being on a soft diet to help with healing. For those of you who need an idea of what to eat, you can find it under the “pre/post-op instructions” here on out site!

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